Coupon binder categories

Once sorted, I then place them into the pages of the couponing binder.

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This saves me from having to constantly flip back and forth between pages. On the top of each baseball card insert, I place a paper clip. This keeps the coupons from flying out of the top slot as I turn the page. I use the Couponing Binder in addition to my whole insert organizer and my check sized organizer I purchased both of these at Office Depot about 3 years ago.

You can also read my Best Couponing Tips.

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Great binder but I think you might have a mistake in food substitutions. You have as a substitute for 1 cup of butter 1 tablespoon shortening. They should be equal. Do you still use the same set up? I was wondering if you had any more pictures of your bag tote? It looks perfect for what I current own. Does the binder for into it?

Thanks so much. Hi Kristin! I love this! Do you have a Pantry Inventory?

Coupon Binder Categories

I really like the pretty format vs plain paper. Thank you so much for this Kristin! I just got back from WDW yesterday and want to plan our next trip! I know couponing is going to help me get there and organization is KEY!

Are you going to have available the cover, spine and tabs for the couponing binder like you did for the budgeting binder? Tami — The cover and spine and tabs are in the instruction sheet, but I will upload them separately soon. Thank you all so much! To be a successful couponer you need to organize your coupons for easy access. These Free Printable Coupon Binder Page Inserts are a perfect way to organize your coupons using the coupon binder method.

I have tried a few different ways to organize my coupons and this is my absolute favorite way to do it. I love having all of my coupons organized by category and I love that this method is portable.

I can organize my coupons and take the entire binder with me to the store. The product type method may change from time to time, as it depends how thin or thick your variety is. You can have one divider for a "Personal Hygiene" category or several dividers for sub-categories, such as "Hair Care", "Skin Care", "Makeup", etc.

Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons

Purchase baseball card sleeves. You can find these at discount or sporting stores. The most common is nine sleeves 3 x 3 on each page. There is a strong preference amongst couponers to invest in different size sleeves. The 3 x 3 sleeve pages can hold regular square inserts, however, to avoid folding long ones, coupons you get in the mail, or internet printed coupons, page width sleeves are the best. Insert about two to three baseball card sleeves after every divider.

You can always adjust the amount per category depending on your needs and how much the binder can hold. Add your coupons. The main point of a coupon binder is organization throughout the entire process, so make sure it's updated and discard the expired ones if your store doesn't accept them. Always try to find ways to send expired coupons to military overseas, as they can use them six months up to from the expiration date. Certain craft stores may have these, but your best bet would be ordering one online.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If you use mail-in rebates, store coupons, rain checks, and other types of categories, you can always create separate sections for them at your convenience.

As a beginner couponer, you might have weird feelings of taking your binder with you in the store. It's absolutely normal to feel like this, but you'll soon relaxed and have self esteem about saving money that it doesn't matter how silly it looks.