Polymer coupon system

Polymer coupon monitoring monitors the integrity of the polymer sheath of the flexible riser. Coupons are placed inside the pipeline in order to expose them to the exact same conditions as the riser in question.

Polymer coupon monitoring system

The coupons are easily retrieved for examination with our patented method for evaluating polymer integrity. Several techniques may be used to determine the level of fatigue, but we typically monitor critical areas, such as the bend stiffener and sag bend, which are the most fatigue prone areas of the flexible riser. The increased focus on health, safety and environment HSE in the offshore industry calls for pre-emptive actions in order to increase safety and minimise unnecessary stress on the environment.

The VGM system answers to that by supplying real-time and historical data on the condition of the flexible riser annulus, providing the operators with an opportunity to make qualified decisions based on actual measurements. Sudden changes in the annulus composition may suggest a breach in the outer sheath, in the inner liner or in the end fitting seal. Via composition data and monitoring of flow rates and volume directly, it is possible to detect the various types of breaches.

Flexible risers consist of several layers of polymer, one of which works as a sealing between the bore fluids and the surrounding layers. Keeping this layer intact and under control is crucial with regards to operational safety. The PCM system allows for continuous monitoring of the integrity of this layer, maintaining your security and control.

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Unlike metal parts, the deterioration of plastic parts is difficult to assess. Typically, one would periodically replace the pipelines prior to the end of its expected service life. This often leads to unnecessary replacements, which is ineffective when considering the huge costs involved for such a replacement, in addition to profit-loss during unexpected shut-downs due to a pipeline integrity breach.

The PCM system is intended to determine the remaining service life, as well as evaluating the performance characteristics of the sheath of a flexible riser, providing the operator with a powerful decision tool. Exposure to bore fluids and bore environment ages the polymer, either chemically or physically. It has been found that the underlying ageing mechanism for PA a polyamide is a chemical degradation of the polymer chains themselves.

Therefore, monitoring the molecular weight of the polymer chain allows one to determine the exact rate of deterioration, and hence predict the remaining service life. However, little work on their application as composite matrices has been published although this was one of the stated aims of the earliest work in the field.

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A flexible riser consists of several layers. One of these layers is a polymer sheath that is designed to protect the steel carcass. In order to reduce risks associated with loss of integrity or unnecessary inspection or replacements, we offer a more strategic and cost effective solution. The market is still in a phase where there is room for change and learning.

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Annual Report. Flexible risers transport process fluid between floating production systems and subsea wells and pipelines, and are subject to adverse conditions. Monitoring the sheath for chemical and mechanical degradation is critical to avoiding system failure. The Cosasco Polymer Coupon Monitoring System determines the potential breakdown or aging of the polymer material under operating conditions. The system installs in a standard two-inch access fitting downstream of the riser end connection.

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Coupons may be inserted into the process flow and retrieved under pressure. Once removed, the coupons can be analyzed to evaluate the condition of the polymer pressure sheath, estimate remaining service life and determine any changes to the molecular structure or chemical properties that may affect the overall strength and structural integrity of the sheath.

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Owner name: Free format text: Year of fee payment: Effective date: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for detection of hydrogen sulfide in downhole operations. A downhole tool is provided with a coupon adapted to react at varying degrees to exposure to concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. The downhole tool is positioned in the wellbore with the coupon s exposed to downhole fluids.

Polymer coupon system

A reaction to a change in the coupon, such as coloration, is used to determine the presence and concentration of hydrogen sulfide. This application claims priority from Provisional Application No. Field of the Invention []. Increase safety and reduce the risk and implications of damages or reduced service life through careful, real-time monitoring of your flexible pipelines. The main characteristic of a flexible pipe is its low relative bending to axial stiffness. This characteristic is achieved through the use of a number of layers of different materials in the pipe wall fabrication.

These layers are able to slip past each other when under the influence of external and internal loads; hence, this characteristic gives a flexible pipe its property of low bending stiffness. The flexible pipe composite structure combines steel armor layers with high stiffness to provide strength and polymer sealing layers with low stiffness to provide fluid integrity. This construction gives flexible pipes a number of advantages over other types of pipelines and risers such as steel catenary risers.

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  • These advantages include prefabrication, storage in long lengths on reels, reduced transport and installation costs, and suitability for use with compliant structures. The carcass forms the innermost layer of the flexible pipe cross section. It is commonly made of a stainless steel flat strip that is formed into an interlocking profile.

    The main function of the carcass is to prevent pipe collapse due to hydrostatic pressure or buildup of gases in the annulus. The internal polymer sheath provides a barrier to maintain the bore fluid integrity. Exposure concentrations and fluid temperature are key design drivers for the internal sheath.

    clovanteerkingna.ml The role of the pressure armor is to withstand the hoop stress in the pipe wall that is caused by the inner bore fluid pressure. The pressure armor is wound around the internal polymer sheath and is made of interlocking wires. In it something is. I agree with you, thanks for an explanation. As always all ingenious is simple. Myhabit coupon march Like this article?

    USA1 - Method and apparatus for hydrogen sulfide monitoring - Google Patents

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